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Ovation Inflation

another mediocre play gets a standing ovation. they can't all get standing ovations! some plays are better than others. some plays get better standing ovations than others

Problem Solver

i want to solve all your problems by telling you how to solve all your problems

Persona Dramatis

sometimes you over-dramatize to get your way. what a hurtful thing to say! like a stab in the heart. i might as well die. sorry

A Way With Words

you're beautiful in my eyes you always know the right thing to say


remember being 13 thirteen yes no boobies i hate you feed me addle-escent adolescent adolescence

I’m spending a surprising amount of time with teenagers this Summer.


I'm pure, neutral, and above taking sides. I see. You support the dominant paradigm


you have borderline personality disorder, that's exactly what someone with bpd would say

Also known as just about everyone.


you're criticizing me, i'm just standing here while you imagine me criticizing you, see?


bipartisan support, that means both democrats and republicans like it, the only group that doesn't is the public

Idea from this Techdirt article.

Focus On Yourself

you should focus on yourself