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“I laughed out loud!…[The Intellectual Pooperty cartoons] are very very funny….however, if you could inform readers that this naive concept doesn’t correspond to the laws that actually exist, it would avoid encouraging them to believe that it does.”

—Richard Stallman

Here’s a photo of the book surrounded by more copies of the book with pages open in seductive poses:

come-hither books



say something original / i love you / originality is overratedMimi & Eunice distill an earlier article, The Cult of Originality.



some people won't like your truth. that is so lame. / but you don't have to fight with them. you're an idiot. / just keep telling yourself the truth. shut up!


Viral Patent

i've patented the cold virus and you're infringing / your patent won't stop anyone from getting colds / you just think you should get everything for free



try my new cake / gah it smells like pee! that's because i peed on it / why? i don't want anyone to steal it


Added Value

take / you can have it back for $220,000 / you stole my nose! i added value to it!

Mimi & Eunice’s character designs evolved (barely) from this Copying Is Not Theft animation:

You’ll notice it starts off with the nose-stealing gag. I saw a similar gag over a decade ago in a brilliant Sam Henderson comic, the Magic Whistle, which made me laugh and laugh. Since Sam has made about a zillion such comics, I can’t find that one, but I did find this amusing one that relates to one of my favorite subjects, the First Amendment: Continue reading Added Value



one person's approval means i'm ok a hundred people's approval means I'm awesome / everyone's approval means- you're not you anymore! / oh i stopped being me when i sought approval from the first person


It’s Not How You Look…

it's not how you look / it's how you feel / you mean everyone's judging my feelings too


Body Image

this is how i think i should look / this is how i think i do look / how do i really look? no one cares!



i didn't know you were into cosplay / cosplay i'm a fashionista not a nerd / you just imitate magazines instead of comic books
Wikipedia’s entry on cosplay