Mi Young Yi has translated Mimi & Eunice’s Intellectual Pooperty comics into Korean!

Mimi & Eunice in Korean

She writes,

I’ve translated in Korean and publish them on the web under Creative Commons License.


This work was opened to everyone who wants to participate to translate in Korean.

Now I edit it on PDF version, and want to distribute it to people who wants to make a booklet. It would include an instruction of printing and binding by themselves.

How awesome is that?


2013 Czech Calendar

2013 Czech calendar

Our friends at the Czech Pirate Party have a new Mimi & Eunice calendar for 2013, downloadable for Free of course. Marcel writes,

As well as last year, I made a Mimi & Eunice calendar for the Czech Pirate
Party, so that everyone can print it, hang it on a wall and enjoy the
comic strips throughout the whole year:


(announcement of the calendar in my blogpost; in Czech though)

And this time, it’s also available on BitTorrent:


I wish you a successful year 2013!


2013 Mimi & Eunice Calendar

This was put together by Dr M. Khurram Wadee of the University of Exeter, who writes:

You might be interested in knowing that your free art was processed by me with free software, namely: GNU/Linux, GNU/Emacs to produce a monthly calendar in LaTeX format and your PNG files were processed using Netpbm programs.  Almost all of my technical work is done using free software and I don’t know where I’d be without it.

Download the free PDF here!






Mimi & Eunice are on vacation while I take a train to the East Coast for a few days (I’ve given up flying for a while). We’ll return August 27, barring some major crisis or distraction. Meanwhile you can enjoy the archives, or start with the very first comic.  Please copy and share!



Heh, I see some people have been excited I posted “new” comics. Actually those are dreg comics that I almost posted last year, but postponed and forgot about….until they started auto-posting this week. Sorry, folks! And sorry those strips aren’t very good, I thought they’d never post at all, but that’s what happens when you totally forget about your blog.

Please keep sharing old Mimi & Eunice strips – they never go out of date!


Irregular Schedule Commencing Now

Mimi & Eunice are on a little hiatus and/or irregular schedule while I pursue my current obsession with my Seder-Masochism project. Lots of research, sketching, thinking, and wandering around in a daze going on here right now. Please stand by.


Mimi & Eunice in Czech

Právní fikce

By pirati.cz!


Analytic Chemist Needed

A few weeks ago I ran this comic:

I’ve long suspected that soy sauce could contain only small traces of wheat, so I did a little online research. Surprisingly, I found only one item that addressed the gluten content of soy sauce directly, and found it contains none at all:

Gluten analysis of two popular soy sauces
We sent a sample of soy sauce of the brands Kikkoman and Lima to an external laboratory to determine gluten levels. In both samples the gluten content was below detection limit of 5ppm (see report). According to a new European legislation, which will only be fully implemented in 2012, gluten-free foodstuffs should contain less than 20 ppm gluten. The FDA also proposes a limit of 20 ppm. This means that our two tested products may be considered as gluten-free soy sauce. link

The article contains a link to a lab report which appears to be Belgian. It’s strong evidence, but celiac organizations are still claiming soy sauce contains gluten, which leads trolls to leave furious comments at mimiandeunice.com and my Facebook page for daring to suggest otherwise.

I’d like to clear up the soy sauce confusion once and for all. A Belgian lab report makes one data point, but more data points are needed, especially because these substances may differ between the US and Europe. What I’d like is an analysis of several brands of American soy sauce, buth conventional shoyu (derived from wheat ingredients) and “gluten-free” tamari. Also both fancy health food store brands, and cheap run of the mill supermarket kinds. What would really be helpful is a brand-by-brand chart the wheat-sensitive could refer to.

So, is there an analytic chemist in the house? A chemistry grad student? A biochem hacker space with time and resources on their hands? I’m certainly not a chemist, but if you produce such a report you’ll have my undying gratitude and whatever publicity I and Mimi & Eunice can muster. Also, you’d be doing good for the world.

Continue reading Analytic Chemist Needed


“Nina” Font now Free

Several people have asked if they can use “the Mimi & Eunice font” for translations. It happens I don’t use a font – I actually hand-letter these suckers, trying to be messy. Apparently I haven’t succeeded, because even my messy hand-lettering looks a lot like my cleaner lettering from the late 1990’s, which I do have a font of. It’s called “Nina,” and I made it with Fontographer on my very first Mac – in fact it was my first Mac project ever. At long last I’m sharing it freely with everyone:

“Nina” Fonts on the Internet Archive

It’s a zipped file containing 3 versions: light, medium, and bold. Light and bold are probably sufficient; you can dispense with the medium for most uses. The format is old Mac “suitcase” (.suit) and may need to be converted into other, newer font formats. If you convert it, please upload your conversions back to archive.org (or send them to me to upload on the same page) so they can be shared too. Here’s an example of a Mimi & Eunice translated into Brazilian Portugese by Rafael Monteiro:

"Rivalrous" in Portugese
Original (English) comic here.


A subtle change

You are here: mimiandeunice.com

Mimiandeunice.com has been redirecting over to ninapaley.com/mimiandeunice for the last several months. It’s a long story: we were going to have a unique custom comics site here, but meanwhile I got impatient and set up a Mimi & Eunice WordPress blog at my own domain, ninapaley.com. Then the custom site didn’t work out, and I settled into this format, and the real Mimi & Eunice URL just kept on redirecting. So finally Webmaster Ian cleared out the server, painstakingly recreated the site you see now, and flipped the switch. Mimi & Eunice are now here at mimiandeunice.com, as Nature intended.

There may still be a few glitches to work out so please stand by. I changed the feed info at Feedburner, so hopefully subscribers will transition smoothly. (Please subscribe, if you haven’t yet. It’s free and fun and the numbers help.) Please update any bookmarks. The archives will remain at http://ninapaley.com/mimiandeunice/; they are duplicated here, but all the old links should still work, hopefully forever.