Irregular Schedule Commencing Now

Mimi & Eunice are on a little hiatus and/or irregular schedule while I pursue my current obsession with my Seder-Masochism project. Lots of research, sketching, thinking, and wandering around in a daze going on here right now. Please stand by.

6 comments to Irregular Schedule Commencing Now

  • Jaffamulke

    Thanks for giving us the heads up.

  • That looks like no where near as much fun as Mimi and Eunace. Please forgive the atheists in the crowd for being such kafirs.

  • Bruno

    Good luck with your new project!

  • Ivaylo Valkov

    I’ve noticed that one of the recorders you’ve listed at the Kickstarter page is produced by Sony. There is a very good reason to *never* give money directly to Sony (any Sony company). In 2005 they released audio CD’s that installed rootkits on users computers to prevent copying. There is a good article at Wikipedia, [1] so I am not going to retell the story. Think about that, if you haven’t bought the recorders yet.


  • Bianca

    Miss Mimi & Eunice!

    Good luck with the new project. Have being seeing snippets of your work on your blog 🙂

  • Just thought I’d stop by to see how your project is going.

    I completely understand why you’re taking a hiatus…but I do miss this blog and hope you’re able to come back soon! 🙂

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