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Not a Good Idea

you wouldn't know  a good idea if it hit you in the face / pow / maybe that wasn't a good idea


Good Ideas

there aren't enough good ideas / sure there are / i don't see any! you don't have enough attention

Attention is scarce, information is not.


Authoritarian update


I’m re-posting this cartoon today because the US Department of Homeland Security seized more than 70 web sites over the weekend (while sites like and techdirt were on vacation, and the mainstream media were devoted to stories about holiday shopping). Democrats: unless you stand up to stop this NOW, I am never voting for you again.


Meant to Know

must get more information / what you are meant to know will come to you with no effort on your part / it would take effort to quit my compulsive info-seeking


Better Than Advice

i don't know what to do / i don't know either/ let's not know together



a quarter i'm insulted / you should have to pay $15 for a cd! how much would you get / a dime but it's the principle of the thing


Killing Music

have some money! don't give it to me, / give it to a giant faceless corporation that claims to represent me / forget it then. you're killing music!


Stealing Labor

i wrote you this song! why? / so that you'd pay me! but i didn't hire you. / you're stealing my labor



god damn it's friday / all the working schmucks get let out of their pens and herd over the sidewalks again / god damn fridays! damn them to hell!

Like Monday’s strip, but this one is about Fridays (” T.G.I.F.“)


Drinking Problem

why won't you admit you have a drinking problem / same reason you don't admit you don't have a drinking problem / i don't have a drinking problem! exactly!