Achoo! again

I made it home from my fine train trip but, having acquired a virus somewhere between Illinois and the East Coast, I now have a cold and would rather sleep than “draw.” But that gives me an opportunity to re-run this classic cold-virus-related comic.

i've patented the cold virus and you're infringing! your patent won't stop anyone from getting colds. You just think you should get everything for free.

New comics coming when I feel like it, which may be a while. Good thing I’m not under contract to do these things.



I feel disappointed a lot. I guess that means I have a lot of unrealistic expectations.


Adverse Reaction

As expected, some people didn’t like last week’s comic strip about “allergies” to gluten in soy sauce. Guess what I found out since then? Soy sauce, even soy sauce made with wheat, contains no detectable gluten.

We sent a sample of soy sauce of the brands Kikkoman and Lima to an external laboratory to determine gluten levels. In both samples the gluten content was below detection limit of 5ppm (see report). According to a new European legislation, which will only be fully implemented in 2012, gluten-free foodstuffs should contain less than 20 ppm gluten. The FDA also proposes a limit of 20 ppm. This means that our two tested products may be considered as gluten-free soy sauce. Link

That doesn’t seem to stop adverse reactions like Mimi’s, above.



If you believe in God, how do you explain war & cruelty?

If you don’t get this one, try reading the Old Testament.


Mimi & Eunice Re-Run Week

I’m currently in Urbana, IL, visiting my parents because my Dad is in the hospital (late stage cancer). I expected to be back in New York last week, but extended my stay here because it was so very exciting. My comics, and my means to draw them, are on my home computer, which means I have no new comics to post this week. That means RERUNS! In keeping with the Dad-dying-of-cancer theme, today’s rerun is about death:
humans can think...about death

And in the super-meta-classic re-run department, here’s an ancient “Nina’s Adventures” comic about Urbana IL vs. Santa Cruz CA, where I moved in 1988. Look at that date!

Nina's AdventuresThanks Internet, for having a scan of this online when I didn’t have it on my hard drive.



be gentle with yourself, stick


Take the Pity

poor you



Another sad story of my childhood.



stop bashing your head

Stop bashing your head.


PMS Talking