Mimi & Eunice Re-Run Week

I’m currently in Urbana, IL, visiting my parents because my Dad is in the hospital (late stage cancer). I expected to be back in New York last week, but extended my stay here because it was so very exciting. My comics, and my means to draw them, are on my home computer, which means I have no new comics to post this week. That means RERUNS! In keeping with the Dad-dying-of-cancer theme, today’s rerun is about death:
humans can think...about death

And in the super-meta-classic re-run department, here’s an ancient “Nina’s Adventures” comic about Urbana IL vs. Santa Cruz CA, where I moved in 1988. Look at that date!

Nina's AdventuresThanks Internet, for having a scan of this online when I didn’t have it on my hard drive.

3 comments to Mimi & Eunice Re-Run Week

  • No doubt a scan, I mean a copyright infringement, that occurred in those days in which putting Sauron’s Ring © “© 10-88 Nina Paley” on your work seemed like ‘the thing to do’ at the time. 😉

    If the scanner, I mean pirate, had taken notice of the © ward then this work may have remained invisible to most of us today (bar your privileged act of republishing it).

  • I’m sorry to hear about your dad. I hope that whatever happens he isn’t in too much pain.

  • I’m reminded of a line in the last season of Angel: “It’s not as if this is the first time I’ve had sex under magical influence. I went to UC Santa Cruz.”

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