Helmet Wars! Conclusion

where's your helmet / none of your business / boundaries are the best protection

This is what I should have said to the helmet fascist that inspired much of this series. If I ever ride without a helmet again, I hope I can remember these 4 magic words: “none of your business.”


Helmet Wars! Religion

my helmet (my religion) makes me feel safe in a scary world / even though there's no proof that helmets reduce injury (god exists) / you should wear a helmet (convert)


Helmet Wars! Brain Damage

everyone must wear a helmet / or be shamed ostracized and punished for their own good / you're making me think helmets cause brain damage

I rode one season without a helmet. It was exciting, liberating, and sensual. Then, on my first ride wearing a helmet again, my mind was filled with resentful judgements of all the cyclists I saw who weren’t wearing helmets. Just wearing a helmet messed up my brain.


Helmet Wars! Security

i broke my leg in a bike crash once now i always wear a helmet / helmets don't protect your legs / stop undermining my false sense of security


Helmet Wars! Believe

As I’ve said before, I wear a helmet. But that’s not enough:

wearing this helmet is not enough / you have to believe int he helmet / otherwise it won't protect you from helmet nazis


Helmet Wars! Protection

Last week I did a comic about helmets which led to the first abusive comments ever here at Mimi & Eunice (they remain unpublished). Most of my friends and loved ones weren’t crazy about that strip either. Yet, for some reason, after its lukewarm-to-hostile response I was surprisingly and effortlessly inspired to do 6 more comics about bike helmets! Comics that my friends and loved ones were sure to dislike, on an issue that has never been and will never be resolved. As my friend Gordon wrote,

Oh, Jeez, Nina, you’ve entered the HELMET WARS, in which anarchists and libertarians fight bitterly with helmet fascists and helmet nannies to the bitter end!!  Only there is no end!!!

Why my Muse drags me into these things I cannot know, but my job is to obey Her. And so I bring you a new 7-part miniseries: Helmet Wars! To kick it off, here’s the not-cleaned-up version of that first comic (this one has a swear word!):

Please note: I wear a helmet.