Helmet Wars! Religion

my helmet (my religion) makes me feel safe in a scary world / even though there's no proof that helmets reduce injury (god exists) / you should wear a helmet (convert)

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  • Armour can spawn a subconscious feeling of invulnerability and persuade people to takes risks that increase the chances of serious injury. Compare Rugby with (armoured) American Football.

    It obviously depends on context (wear a helmet if a head collision is likely), but for competent cyclists in busy traffic, accident avoidance tactics (behaviour, visibility and attention) are far more important than crash survival tactics (armour). Many people get killed by lorries turning over them at junctions due to unsafe positioning (helmets do not help here).

    I see far too many cyclists with helmets, but poor visibility clothing and lighting.

  • Helmets ruined hockey. The Original Six did not wear helments and the game was better– fights were better– passing was better because you have a wider range of vision. Less cheap shots and blindsides!

  • T

    I have more faith in the helmet.

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