Helmet Wars! Incentive

i hate wearing this stupid helmet / but it'll be worth it if i ever crash / all the more incentive to crash / i can't wait

This could explain why bike accidents increase with helmet use.

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  • If you crash, you have to buy a new helmet, so your “fun” of making it worth it would cost you a pretty penny… not to mention scrapes, contusions, and other injuries. Most people with helmets that I know don’t want to bump their helmet and have to replace it. I suspect that there is more a correlation between the type of cyclist who wears a helmet, and their accident rate than any particular cyclist becoming more accident prone when putting one on. Ie an inner city bike courrier who has a helmet since they rush short distances in an insane manner through traffic, vs a sweet old lady who doesn’t want to muss her hair with a helmet, cycling along a bike path in a park for hours. Dang these comics of yours make me wish I had time to do rebuttal cartoons! 🙂

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