i'm allergic to the tiny micro-trace of gluten in this soy sauce / but i can nibble this cookie because it's tasty / i'm allergic to bullshit

Since half my friends are allergic* to wheat gluten, I hope they’ll still speak to me after this comic.

*It’s not an allergy, it’s a sensitivity. If it’s an allergy, I’d better see you go into  anaphylactic shock the next time you dig your chopsticks into the Chinese food you said you can’t eat because it has soy sauce. And I say this as someone who has plenty of dietary restrictions of her own.


Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal

good artists copy / great artists steal / for everyone else there's copyright

This is usually attributed to Pablo Picasso, but I’m not sure he ever actually said it. It sure has been copied a lot!


Spectrum Disorders

Language derived from here.


Incentive to Create II

copyright is an incentive to create / create what / lawsuits


Art is Stupid 2

art is stupid / it doesn't pay its already been done its ridiculous / you made a mistake didn't you? stupid art


Art is Stupid

oops / art is stupid

Based on a true story.



the more true something is / the more people are offended by it / how dare you


Buyer’s Market

maybe i should sell out / good luck finding a buyer / it's a buyer's market in sell-outs


Electoral Politics

political office is for the elite / and voting's for people willing to legitimize the system / but state force is for everyone

Except the last panel never seems to apply to the elite…


Where Art Comes From