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remember being 13 thirteen yes no boobies i hate you feed me addle-escent adolescent adolescence

I’m spending a surprising amount of time with teenagers this Summer.


Life is Painful

life is painful but you could choose to be blissfully happy at any moment




Re-Run Week Day 2: Journey

the journey of a thousand miles / begins with but a single step / off a thousand-mile-high cliff

Still in Urbana, the starting point of my journey of a thousand miles.


Mimi & Eunice Re-Run Week

I’m currently in Urbana, IL, visiting my parents because my Dad is in the hospital (late stage cancer). I expected to be back in New York last week, but extended my stay here because it was so very exciting. My comics, and my means to draw them, are on my home computer, which means I have no new comics to post this week. That means RERUNS! In keeping with the Dad-dying-of-cancer theme, today’s rerun is about death:
humans can think...about death

And in the super-meta-classic re-run department, here’s an ancient “Nina’s Adventures” comic about Urbana IL vs. Santa Cruz CA, where I moved in 1988. Look at that date!

Nina's AdventuresThanks Internet, for having a scan of this online when I didn’t have it on my hard drive.





someday history will vindicate me / i guess she was right after all


Life In 3 Panels

sometimes life doesn't fit neatly into 3 panels / what do you mean / well for one example:


Start Where You Are

where do i start / start where you are / i ended up where i am too

A companion to this comic.



some people won't like your truth. that is so lame. / but you don't have to fight with them. you're an idiot. / just keep telling yourself the truth. shut up!