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  • gio

    I didn’t exaclty understood that strip, but Mimi & Eunice are back !!! \o/

  • GoldenGnu

    Yay for new comic! Thank you! 🙂

    Mimi and Eunice always brings me joy…

  • beauxq

    Maybe I just don’t understand it, but this comic looks like a strawman argument to me.

    I don’t see anyone saying “the only way to regain control (of the train) is to get off”.

    The only way to regain control of your life (and save your life) is to get off the train.

    The train is going to crash no matter what. The laws of physics make that unavoidable.

    • Michael S

      No, but people say things like “The only way to win is to not play the game” about inappropriate games.

      Or they say “I don’t like either candidate, so I’m not going to vote.”

      Train analogy applies to both.

      • troy

        disagree. voting locally, maybe but voting every 4 years federally is not empowering by any stretch of the imagination. it has the net effect of about zero.

  • Michael S

    Wow! This is my favorite Mimi and Eunice.

  • beauxq

    The only way to regain control of your life is to not vote. Everytime you vote, you’re just giving them permission to take control of your life.

    • Michael S

      Denying that permission doesn’t stop politicians from acting on your behalf. It doesn’t lessen their power.

      To claim to take control of your life by ignoring another part of the world is an exercise in disassociation.

      • What makes the state a bigger problem than other gangs is its aura of legitimacy. Withholding permission erodes that, though as you say it doesn’t deny them power in the short term.

  • troy

    i interpreted this to mean,
    disconnecting from politics or becoming apathetic
    does not help fix anything

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