Why Can’t You Be NICE?

I only have 3 panels, people.

Transactivist vs. Transwoman



The Jenndra Identitty Comics

I published these immediately after writing this:

Several months ago I drew some Mimi & Eunice cartoons about modern transactivism. As you might guess, these will be very offensive to some people. I have and have long had trans friends, but modern transactivism is no more representative of them, than Zionism is of Jews, the BJP is of Hindus, or the KKK is of Christians. Unfortunately, most liberal “allies” don’t know the difference between actual diverse trans people, and the misogynist activists that claim to speak for them. Most liberals don’t tolerate any critique these days, let alone cartoon critique, which is graphic and funny; nothing pisses off ideologues like humor, the ultimate “disrespect”.

These cartoons are the first and ONLY things I’ve ever created that I’ve been too scared to share. I feel really bad about my own fear here. My Muse is my “higher power” and being to afraid to publish this work is a sin. But I am that scared.

Really I’m scared for my poor little film Seder-Masochism. I didn’t want to be killed on my North American festival tour. A transactivist tried to get me shut down from Ottawa, and another called for a boycott of Animation Is Film in Los Angeles, and who knows what else they’re doing that I’m not even aware of. I was no-platformed in my own town for saying people with penises are male. 

I occasionally see someone discover Seder-Masochism on Twitter, and they are immediately chastised by transctivists who tell them I’m a “bigot” who “hates trans people.” In the current climate, that effectively stops the sharing of my work. I’m a Free Culture advocate and my work depends on sharing; politically-motivated shutdowns of sharing render Free Culture (or any culture) ineffective.

Since all this is happening anyway, should I just publish those cartoons? I suppose it will be even worse for me and Seder-Masochism if I do, but this is no way to live. I’m censoring myself out of fear.


And in a subsequent discussion on fecebook, I wrote:

See, I don’t want to offend trans PEOPLE, who I like, but I don’t mind offending transACTIVISTS, the misogynist kind, who I hate. Many of whom are not trans.

Guess the chips are gonna fall where they may.

Anyway, here they are, all in one place and in order. The titles link to the individual entries.

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Transactivist vs. Transwoman

Why Can’t You Be NICE?

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