wham! What can you possibly gain from pounding on me like that? Punishment is its own reward.

This Summer I spent an unusual (for me) amount of time with 13-year-olds, who play a game called “Punchbuggy.”


Also: I’ve been totally slacking on Mimi & Eunice, which is actually good, because it means I’m working on Seder-Masochism again. So back to a totally erratic, whenever-I-feel-like-it schedule here.



i've finally overcome my obsessive need for external validation. not caring what others think of me is the greatest prize of all! here's an award. DAMMIT


What You Defend Against You Make Real

what you defend against you make real. That's how I keep our love alive!


Life is Painful

life is painful but you could choose to be blissfully happy at any moment


Nostalgia for Samsara

ignorant deluded I miss those days


Re-Run Week Day 5: Amnesia

i have moments of such awareness / but then i forget them. it's like spiritual amnesia. i wish i could hold on to them / why? why what?
One of the first Mimi & Eunice comics ever, and just as true today as it…what was I talking about?


Re-Run Week Day 2: Journey

the journey of a thousand miles / begins with but a single step / off a thousand-mile-high cliff

Still in Urbana, the starting point of my journey of a thousand miles.


Mimi & Eunice Re-Run Week

I’m currently in Urbana, IL, visiting my parents because my Dad is in the hospital (late stage cancer). I expected to be back in New York last week, but extended my stay here because it was so very exciting. My comics, and my means to draw them, are on my home computer, which means I have no new comics to post this week. That means RERUNS! In keeping with the Dad-dying-of-cancer theme, today’s rerun is about death:
humans can think...about death

And in the super-meta-classic re-run department, here’s an ancient “Nina’s Adventures” comic about Urbana IL vs. Santa Cruz CA, where I moved in 1988. Look at that date!

Nina's AdventuresThanks Internet, for having a scan of this online when I didn’t have it on my hard drive.



how not to do it



stop bashing your head

Stop bashing your head.