wham! What can you possibly gain from pounding on me like that? Punishment is its own reward.

This Summer I spent an unusual (for me) amount of time with 13-year-olds, who play a game called “Punchbuggy.”


Also: I’ve been totally slacking on Mimi & Eunice, which is actually good, because it means I’m working on Seder-Masochism again. So back to a totally erratic, whenever-I-feel-like-it schedule here.



i've finally overcome my obsessive need for external validation. not caring what others think of me is the greatest prize of all! here's an award. DAMMIT


For the Children

we have to stay together for the children. you're right...that'll really drive them crazy


Made of Dreams

i like disney. disney is made of dreams! so is copyright abolition.

Trying something new this week: I’m posting comics every other day, instead of every day. I didn’t have enough idea notes for 5 strips this week, but I did have 3, so rather than give up I’m leaving off Tuesday and Thursday. Of course today (Monday) is Labor Day in the U.S., so maybe no one expects a comic today anyway. In that case, SURPRISE!