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I Would Never Hurt You

i would never hurt you. i would never be cognizant of a desire to hurt you.


Made of Dreams

i like disney. disney is made of dreams! so is copyright abolition.

Trying something new this week: I’m posting comics every other day, instead of every day. I didn’t have enough idea notes for 5 strips this week, but I did have 3, so rather than give up I’m leaving off Tuesday and Thursday. Of course today (Monday) is Labor Day in the U.S., so maybe no one expects a comic today anyway. In that case, SURPRISE!



you undermine my perceptions. no I don't. see?



I'm pure, neutral, and above taking sides. I see. You support the dominant paradigm



you have borderline personality disorder, that's exactly what someone with bpd would say

Also known as just about everyone.


Life is Painful

life is painful but you could choose to be blissfully happy at any moment


Adverse Reaction

As expected, some people didn’t like last week’s comic strip about “allergies” to gluten in soy sauce. Guess what I found out since then? Soy sauce, even soy sauce made with wheat, contains no detectable gluten.

We sent a sample of soy sauce of the brands Kikkoman and Lima to an external laboratory to determine gluten levels. In both samples the gluten content was below detection limit of 5ppm (see report). According to a new European legislation, which will only be fully implemented in 2012, gluten-free foodstuffs should contain less than 20 ppm gluten. The FDA also proposes a limit of 20 ppm. This means that our two tested products may be considered as gluten-free soy sauce. Link

That doesn’t seem to stop adverse reactions like Mimi’s, above.


Careful I


This is about how over-budgeted media productions historically paid to license things they didn’t need to license, just because they had tons of money and their lawyers preferred to “play it safe” than claim Fair Use, which is how Fair Use became the weak pathetic limping layer of pointlessness it is today.