Mi Young Yi has translated Mimi & Eunice’s Intellectual Pooperty comics into Korean!

Mimi & Eunice in Korean

She writes,

I’ve translated in Korean and publish them on the web under Creative Commons License.


This work was opened to everyone who wants to participate to translate in Korean.

Now I edit it on PDF version, and want to distribute it to people who wants to make a booklet. It would include an instruction of printing and binding by themselves.

How awesome is that?


Made of Dreams

i like disney. disney is made of dreams! so is copyright abolition.

Trying something new this week: I’m posting comics every other day, instead of every day. I didn’t have enough idea notes for 5 strips this week, but I did have 3, so rather than give up I’m leaving off Tuesday and Thursday. Of course today (Monday) is Labor Day in the U.S., so maybe no one expects a comic today anyway. In that case, SURPRISE!


Achoo! again

I made it home from my fine train trip but, having acquired a virus somewhere between Illinois and the East Coast, I now have a cold and would rather sleep than “draw.” But that gives me an opportunity to re-run this classic cold-virus-related comic.

i've patented the cold virus and you're infringing! your patent won't stop anyone from getting colds. You just think you should get everything for free.

New comics coming when I feel like it, which may be a while. Good thing I’m not under contract to do these things.


Czech Pirate Party Mimi & Eunice 2012 Calendar!

Mimi & Eunice live on in this FREE Czech wall calendar you can print and enjoy.

If only more people re-used Mimi & Eunice as nature intended!


Careful III

You can't be too careful


Careful II

Why did you punch me? You didn't pay me not to.

…and this is what inevitably happens when you regularly pay people not to punch you.


Careful I


This is about how over-budgeted media productions historically paid to license things they didn’t need to license, just because they had tons of money and their lawyers preferred to “play it safe” than claim Fair Use, which is how Fair Use became the weak pathetic limping layer of pointlessness it is today.


Re-Run Week Day 4: Viral Patent

To commemorate the cold that kept me in Urbana a few extra days (I just got back to New York):
i've patented the cold virus and you're infringing / your patent won't stop anyone from getting colds / you just think you should get everything for free


Straw Man


Freedom or Fairness?