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  • Vincent

    Just curious, do you not believe in such a thing as gender identity at all? I think you probably do believe in this, as you did say you are okay with trans people (just not trans activists, for some reason). If not, why not? If so, which word would you prefer to use for someone who identifies as a woman if not “woman”, and why do you mind if people use “woman” for it?

    • Nina

      Hi Vincent,

      I believe in gender identity the way I believe other people believe in god. I don’t personally believe in god, but others do, and that’s fine. Christians these days don’t require me to believe in their god, but genderists demand I believe in theirs, which is what I don’t accept.

      Everyone is free to identify however they wish. They are not free to force me to identify them they way they’d like (nor am I free to force them, it’s up to the individual). Thus it’s fine with me if a man (adult human male) identifies as a woman (adult human female) and calls himself a woman; I’m not going to call him a woman, but he can and should do what he wants.

      I still use the word transwoman, but in some cases Trans-identified Male (TiM) is clearer. The word transwoman worked very well for decades, until the new Trans Rights Activists started shouting “trans women are women!” and calling women “cis women.” Of course they are free to identify me as a “cis woman” (I’m not, even by their definition), or a man, or a fish or a banana – I can’t do anything about that. I will not censor, threaten, sue, attack, or no-platform people who do that, which is more than I can say for TRAs.

      • Nora

        But you are a cis woman.
        Your identity is based around your womb possession.

        What makes your metric of reality more valid than theirs that being described as a cis woman doesn’t count, but you feel that it’s a valid way to describe trans women in a way that seeks to deny them their womanhood?

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