the greatest threat to cartoon characters isn't piracy / it's obscurity / we're in a heap of trouble then

Based on a famous quote from Tim O’Reilly. Because Mimi & Eunice are Free and Copyleft and ShareAlike and want to be copied, “piracy” poses no threat to them at all. But very few people know they exist. Please copy, embed, etc. – the more they’re copied, the less obscure they’ll become.

Also, you can buy the book.



you have no respect for the law / sure i do i respect the law of gravity / ok i lied



i love mondays / all the suckers with jobs are back at work / sucks to be them! i love mondays!

The most popular newspaper comic strips of the late 20th Century featured “Monday” strips. Synopsis: the character hates Mondays. Hilarity ensues! We can all* relate, right? Here are some more Monday cartoons, and an answer to them from Dinosaur Comics.

*I’ve been self-unemployed since I dropped out of college at age 19.


A subtle change

You are here: mimiandeunice.com

Mimiandeunice.com has been redirecting over to ninapaley.com/mimiandeunice for the last several months. It’s a long story: we were going to have a unique custom comics site here, but meanwhile I got impatient and set up a Mimi & Eunice WordPress blog at my own domain, ninapaley.com. Then the custom site didn’t work out, and I settled into this format, and the real Mimi & Eunice URL just kept on redirecting. So finally Webmaster Ian cleared out the server, painstakingly recreated the site you see now, and flipped the switch. Mimi & Eunice are now here at mimiandeunice.com, as Nature intended.

There may still be a few glitches to work out so please stand by. I changed the feed info at Feedburner, so hopefully subscribers will transition smoothly. (Please subscribe, if you haven’t yet. It’s free and fun and the numbers help.) Please update any bookmarks. The archives will remain at http://ninapaley.com/mimiandeunice/; they are duplicated here, but all the old links should still work, hopefully forever.




Love Yourself

first you much love yourself / myself / i deserve better



no one can hurt your feelings / without your consent / what a cruel and insensitive thing to say



as an artist i take ores directly from my muse / that sounds amazing. it is! / more poop jokes


Saving the World

i'm gonna save the world / everyone just has to follow my plan


What’s Right

somethings wrong / but look at everything that's right / who cares


Start Where You Are

where do i start / start where you are / i ended up where i am too

A companion to this comic.