The Mimi & Eunice Book is Now Available!

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“I laughed out loud!…[The Intellectual Pooperty cartoons] are very very funny….however, if you could inform readers that this naive concept doesn’t correspond to the laws that actually exist, it would avoid encouraging them to believe that it does.”

—Richard Stallman

Here’s a photo of the book surrounded by more copies of the book with pages open in seductive poses:

come-hither books



M.E.R.C,H. stands for Mimi & Eunice Raise Cash, Hopefully. I plan to start with a full-color paperback collection of over 200 comics, probably print-on-demand because Mimi & Eunice don’t yet have wide enough readership to justify advance printing. The more subscribers and readers they get, the more merch will be justified, so please keep sharing, embedding, linking to, and pimping them. Also, if there are any particular strips you’d buy on a mug or T-shirt, please write “MUG!”  or “T-SHIRT!” (or any other merch you might want) in its comments section.  What kind of merch do you want, anyway? Please leave your merch suggestions here!


Helmet Wars! Incentive

i hate wearing this stupid helmet / but it'll be worth it if i ever crash / all the more incentive to crash / i can't wait

This could explain why bike accidents increase with helmet use.


Now not on weekends!

I have plenty of Mimi & Eunice comics, and I’d be happy to post them on weekends – but it seems hardly anyone actually reads them on weekends, so those strips are kind of “wasted,” attention-wise. I could post my shittiest strips on weekends, but then on Monday (when new readers show up) they’d be sitting there stinking up the page. I don’t want to make my worst impression on  new readers, do I? Thoughts or suggestions appreciated.


Now 12.5% Smaller!

Due to the prevalence of narrow blogs out there, Mimi & Eunice’s friend Brett Thompson modified the default embed size of Mimi & Eunice comics from 640 pixels wide to a mere 560 pixels. Thank you, Brett! Everyone, please embed Mimi & Eunice cartoons liberally. Or drag-and-drop them onto your hard drive, and re-post them elsewhere. Or click on them for high-res versions, and print them in paper publications. The more they’re shared, the better.


Get A Life

get a life / i have a life / a rich full fantasy life


Mimi and Eunice

Pronounced “me-me and you-ness.” Mimi has pointy ears and Eunice has floppy ears.