Now not on weekends!

I have plenty of Mimi & Eunice comics, and I’d be happy to post them on weekends – but it seems hardly anyone actually reads them on weekends, so those strips are kind of “wasted,” attention-wise. I could post my shittiest strips on weekends, but then on Monday (when new readers show up) they’d be sitting there stinking up the page. I don’t want to make my worst impression on  new readers, do I? Thoughts or suggestions appreciated.

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  • I think taking a break on weekends makes sense. 5 days a week is pretty awesome already output-wise!

  • 5/wk is still a LOT of comics, so I’m not complaining….but how do you know nobody reads the weekend ones? Maybe they just read 3 on Monday. They just get stacked up in the RSS reader.

    • Nina

      RSS subscribers might read them all, but many visit the site who aren’t subscribers. I personally don’t use an RSS reader, yet am a regular reader of many webcomics.

      Site analytics indicate readership plummets on weekends. I’ve been checking for mentions of/links to Mimi & Eunice on blogs, twitter, etc. Weekend strips are never mentioned or linked to.

  • Aaron

    I’m an RSS subscriber. Love your comics. To me it doesnt matter what days you post them on as long as I see new ones quite frequently I’m happy. I don’t think its a big deal if you don’t post new ones on the weekends. As a suggestion, how about having a “comic of the week” post on weekends where you post the most popular one? Hope that helps… Good luck and keep em coming! (Oh and whatever you do, please do not post shitty content, it will really bring down your rep!)

  • I have Mimi & Eunice on my RSS feed, so I see every strip.

    I’d miss your weekend strips, but there’s nothing wrong with only posting 5 a week. That’s still a lot of material!

    Maybe you could cut back to one strip each weekend and see how everyone responds?

  • pirad

    As I’m already used getting no comics on weekends by Questionable Content and XKCD and as I think at least one day per week to rest is a good thing, I congratulate you for that idea. (I’ve heard only germans make such long sentences – sorry, I hope I made not too much errors to understand it.)

    By the way: Why do you have only one Flattr-Button? Perhaps I would have twice flattred more than one comic ;). Otherwise I wonder if it is changing the content of the free web in a way nobody wants, when every good blogger is suddenly not writing what they think, but what brings most flattrs.

  • I am a RSS user and I wouldn’t mind the weekend break. The comics are great – they deserve the attention!

    And indeed, there are wordpress plugins for flattr! See

  • Nina

    The people have spoken! Individual comics may now be Flattr’ed. Please do so. Thanks!

  • pirad

    Cool 🙂 But I would have placed the button down next to the share button… (And the buttons don’t work for me right now, but I don’t know why…)

    • pirad

      I can’t find any of your comics on flattr either, perhaps theres something wrong in the settings of the plugin?

      • Nina

        It appears to be inherent to the plugin:

        RE: Autosubmission with WordPress Plugin does NOT work
        at the moment it’s only a semi-automatic submission. The Thing gets submitted as soon as someone clicks your button.

        You can “submit” it by loggin out, klicking the (now green) button and logging in

        Also I tried the log-out-log-back thing, and I don’t think it worked. Try Flattring a new strip and see if it shows up…

  • Esn

    I’m also an RSS subscriber. One thing that is a bit inconvenient – there are no longer direct images of the comics in the RSS, rather a link to go to the site.

    Also, have you tried submitting your comic to That’s a pretty useful website. I read most of my webcomics through them. They have a voting system for all comics, and track statistics for how funny a series is through time.

  • So, ah, why do so many strips share dates?

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