“Nina” Font now Free

Several people have asked if they can use “the Mimi & Eunice font” for translations. It happens I don’t use a font – I actually hand-letter these suckers, trying to be messy. Apparently I haven’t succeeded, because even my messy hand-lettering looks a lot like my cleaner lettering from the late 1990’s, which I do have a font of. It’s called “Nina,” and I made it with Fontographer on my very first Mac – in fact it was my first Mac project ever. At long last I’m sharing it freely with everyone:

“Nina” Fonts on the Internet Archive

It’s a zipped file containing 3 versions: light, medium, and bold. Light and bold are probably sufficient; you can dispense with the medium for most uses. The format is old Mac “suitcase” (.suit) and may need to be converted into other, newer font formats. If you convert it, please upload your conversions back to archive.org (or send them to me to upload on the same page) so they can be shared too. Here’s an example of a Mimi & Eunice translated into Brazilian Portugese by Rafael Monteiro:

"Rivalrous" in Portugese
Original (English) comic here.

12 comments to “Nina” Font now Free

  • G00st

    Is use of this font in creative projects subject to the terms of the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA terms?

    • Nina

      I used the CC-BY-SA license, as I do for most things, but I can’t imagine how a font license extends to things done with the font. I think it just means you can’t use copyright to restrict anyone else from using the font.

      • Osama Khalid

        Thank you Nina for releasing the font!

        Wikimedia Commons’ policy is that “[t]he raster rendering of a font (or typeface) is not subject to copyright in the U.S., and therefore is in the public domain.”

      • The big visible font projects like SIL, the URW free fonts, BitStream, Liberation and Ubuntu all use licenses with an explicit font exception to clarify that “normal” use of the font does not trigger copyleft in the work using the font. So the lawyers involved there seem to believe that a work using a font could be considered a derivative of the font.

        Nina, if your intention is that people be able to use this font in material that is non-CC-BY-SA, you might want to add a similar exception. I’m sure the SFLC could help with this, if somebody hasn’t done this with CC-BY-SA fonts already (the above examples use GPL+exception or custom licenses).

        Not urging anybody to do anything, just adding my observations of the issue to the discussion.

        • Nina

          A friend is trying to upload them to openfontlibrary.org, which I tried to do myself, but couldn’t because you need to embed an open license into the font using software I no longer have (my Fontographer is long gone). So hopefully this will all get worked out. Anyone else out there with font software, feel free to embed an open font license in there and upload the set (credit it to Nina Paley please). Thanks.

  • I really like this font, although I can’t use it on my Greek speaking cartoons.

  • Paul Nash

    Hi Nina

    Thanks for the fonts, thanks even more for Mimi and Eunice. No need to convert the fonts, just use the MacOS built-in “Font Book” to import them and they are available to any program that cares to use them.


  • Phan Thủy

    Can you in the future release a Unicode version?

  • Nina, can you be convinced to add the German umlauts letters to the font? Would be truly appreciated, then I could be convinced to translate the strips into German in return. 😉

  • I added czech letters to this font so that czech Pirates would be able to do better looking translations of M&E. Thanks for the font, Nina.

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