Censorship Vs. Copyright

They're totally different!

What distinguishes
Copyright from Censorship?

The profit motive.

There’s one more day to back the Mimi & Eunice’s Intellectual Pooperty minibook project! The above comic won’t be in it, alas, since I just drew it yesterday and the book is already at the printer. But there will be 40 other fine selections from the IP category, in full color.

Update: Mataparda uploaded this Spanish version on flickr:


Copyright Reform

This one’s going into the book.

Update: I’m going to try to write a haiku for every Mimi & Eunice comic this week. Today’s:

Real artists don’t wait
For lawyers and officials
To give permission.



Mi Young Yi has translated Mimi & Eunice’s Intellectual Pooperty comics into Korean!

Mimi & Eunice in Korean

She writes,

I’ve translated in Korean and publish them on the web under Creative Commons License.


This work was opened to everyone who wants to participate to translate in Korean.

Now I edit it on PDF version, and want to distribute it to people who wants to make a booklet. It would include an instruction of printing and binding by themselves.

How awesome is that?


Made of Dreams

i like disney. disney is made of dreams! so is copyright abolition.

Trying something new this week: I’m posting comics every other day, instead of every day. I didn’t have enough idea notes for 5 strips this week, but I did have 3, so rather than give up I’m leaving off Tuesday and Thursday. Of course today (Monday) is Labor Day in the U.S., so maybe no one expects a comic today anyway. In that case, SURPRISE!



Once again, this is a metaphor for copyrights & restrictive licenses – especially “reserving” “rights” even though you “won’t enforce them.” For Terry Hancock, who hopefully will explain more in the comments.


Legal Fictions

Without copyright law, art would not exist! Without patent law, inventions would not exist! Without real estate law, land would not exist. Without marriage law, love would not exist.

Stupid, right? But I hear this argument for copyright law all the time.


Moral Imperative


Credit Is Due (The Attribution Song)

Read more about this cartoon!


Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal

good artists copy / great artists steal / for everyone else there's copyright

This is usually attributed to Pablo Picasso, but I’m not sure he ever actually said it. It sure has been copied a lot!


Incentive to Create II

copyright is an incentive to create / create what / lawsuits