Right or Happy II

would you rather be right or happy / happy / but since things went as badly as i predicted being right is a nice consolation prize

Continuing the theme of this and this.


Better Than Advice

i don't know what to do / i don't know either/ let's not know together



i love mondays / all the suckers with jobs are back at work / sucks to be them! i love mondays!

The most popular newspaper comic strips of the late 20th Century featured “Monday” strips. Synopsis: the character hates Mondays. Hilarity ensues! We can all* relate, right? Here are some more Monday cartoons, and an answer to them from Dinosaur Comics.

*I’ve been self-unemployed since I dropped out of college at age 19.


Life Isn’t Fair

life ins't fair / nope/ luckily it's unfair to our advantage


What You Can’t Accept, Deny!

the mass extinction of other species causes more grief than i can bear / so deny it

In celebration of my bloggingheads.tv appearance!


How To Make God Do What You Want

how do you make god do what you want / change what you want / it works for people too
Long ago I read a book with the amusing title “How to Make Your Cat Do What You Want.”


The Joy of Publishing

at last my book is published / awesome



i used to be orthodox / then i saw that god both does and does not exist / now you're a paradox


Punching the Clock

sure i punch the clock / pow / i punch it in its big ugly face



would you rather be right or happy / happy! wrong answer. / Yay!