Meet Jenndra Identitty


Mi Young Yi has translated Mimi & Eunice’s Intellectual Pooperty comics into Korean!

Mimi & Eunice in Korean

She writes,

I’ve translated in Korean and publish them on the web under Creative Commons License.

This work was opened to everyone who wants to participate to translate in Korean.

Now I edit it on PDF version, and want to distribute it to people who wants to make a booklet. It would include an instruction of printing and binding by themselves.

How awesome is that?

2013 Czech Calendar

2013 Czech calendar

Our friends at the Czech Pirate Party have a new Mimi & Eunice calendar for 2013, downloadable for Free of course. Marcel writes,

As well as last year, I made a Mimi & Eunice calendar for the Czech Pirate
Party, so that everyone can print it, hang it on a wall and enjoy the
comic strips throughout the whole year:
(announcement of the calendar in my blogpost; in Czech though)

And this time, it’s also available on BitTorrent:

I wish you a successful year 2013!

I Would Never Hurt You

i would never hurt you. i would never be cognizant of a desire to hurt you.


too much cognitive load. that's why i can't do the dishes.

You Make Me Happy

you make me happy. Just happy? I should be making you ecstatic! I'm a failure. I take it back

The Ultimate Apology

sorry you make me so passive-aggressive

Hi! I’ve been working so hard on Seder-Masochism, I needed to take a break. So this week I have 4 new Mimi & Eunice comics about relationships.

To give credit where credit is due, this line was actually delivered by my boyfriend, who to his credit intended it to be funny.

2013 Mimi & Eunice Calendar

This was put together by Dr M. Khurram Wadee of the University of Exeter, who writes:

You might be interested in knowing that your free art was processed by me with free software, namely: GNU/Linux, GNU/Emacs to produce a monthly calendar in LaTeX format and your PNG files were processed using Netpbm programs.  Almost all of my technical work is done using free software and I don’t know where I’d be without it.

Download the free PDF here!