copying a song instead of buying a copy is stealing / doing for yourself what you could pay someone else to do is stealing / competition is stealing

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  • […] is a syndicated post, which originally appeared at Mimi and Eunice » IP. View original post. Nina Paley is a creative artist and anti-copyright innovator. She is the creator of the animated […]

  • The idea here is “imputed income“–which actually is taxed in some situations, but not usualy, at least not yet–which of course leads to all sorts of distortions on the market: it makes it far more expensive for a spouse/mother, say, to work, if she cannot make a lot more salary than her imputed income.

    And a similar reasoning underlies the taxation of gifts, and barter; and also, the limitations on the ability to jsut work for free for your own corporation to avoid income tax.

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