Ayn Rand

no rights can exist without the right to translate one's rights into reality / to think to work and keep the results which means / the right to pooperty - ayn rand

I know I said I wouldn’t do any more poop jokes. I lied.

8 comments to Ayn Rand

  • J Cortez

    I laughed out loud at this strip. Thank you. 🙂

  • Shuggy

    John! At last I’ve found you!!

  • Notice especially how she believed that Intellectual Property was the purest form of property. Cus, you know, a government granted monopoly of an infinitely reproducible concept (an idea) is totally property. Whoops!

  • I’ve never actually read Ayn Rand before but your strip had me check out a bit. She really does write like the high school students her stuff appeals most to. Worse, she argues (I won’t say she ‘reasons’) like a high school student, counting on bombast to substitute for logical connections because hey, that works for her. Sigh.

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  • Tristan Band

    Fortunately, there are more sophisticated and intelligent libertarian thinkers (compared to her, anyway). I went through a Rand phase myself, but fortunately I grew out of it. Lysander Spooner and other thinkers are more refreshing.

  • Too bad Lysander Spooner was about the most fundamentalist IP defender ever…see his book The Law of Intellectual Property. Spooner carries it to the logical conclusion: “So absolute is an author’s right of dominion over his ideas that he may forbid their being communicated even by human voice if he so pleases.” http://oll.libertyfund.org/?option=com_staticxt&staticfile=show.php%3Ftitle=2243&Ite p. 125

    • Jackie

      Michael for you to believe that then the people who formulated the words in which an author uses to convey his thoughts (express his right) to others can be forbade by the creators of the words. Rights are established by force or mutual agreement. If the words are not your own then ultimately the idea is not yours either because the idea depends on the words which you did not create.

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