Potential Murder Suspect

i have P.M.S / does that stand for pissy mood syndrome

5 comments to Potential Murder Suspect

  • Pussy mood syndrome…is that ovulation?

  • Bob Robertson

    PMS: When women have to put up with the same hormone levels men put up with every day.

  • I learned the true definition of fear when my moms went through PMS. When she got mad at me, she would wake me up late at night with a knife in her hand threatening she would stab me to death. When one night I finally got pissed enough to tell her she better do it fast or she’d regret it, she ran out of my room bawling, and then told the rest of the family I had threatened her.

    Guys just can’t win in these situations. -s

  • suede

    A knife?! omg. never seen PMS that bad.

    There’s a joke that goes:
    Q. why is PMS called PMS?
    A. Because Mad Cow Disease was already taken.

    This toon reminded me of that.

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