Libertarian Debate

let's have a libertarian debate / ok / you're a socialist! no you're a socialist!
The Libertarian Ludwig von Mises Institute produces some of the finest, most lucid writing against Intellectual Pooperty anywhere. This cartoon is more about what happens in its blog comments.

6 comments to Libertarian Debate

  • Paul Vahur

    Brilliant! 😀

    Oh, and also:


  • hollander

    yes, i am a socialist, but so are most of the support class for the oligopoly. it’s an unintended consequence of government price supports, all of which were put in place by liberal politicians as a way to buy votes for their bleeding heart constituencies. these policies, ostensibly meant to help the poor, hurt the poor by reducing their incentive to work via high (sometimes > 100%) marginal tax rates.

    that’s the best i can do, i have only been up for 10 minutes and i’m on 4 hours sleep.

  • Bob Robertson

    Beautiful. So very, very true.

  • I’m a Socialist and I’m okay.
    I sleep all night and I work all day.

    • Elton Robb

      “At night I put on women’s clothing, suspenders and a bra!”

      He’s a Socialist and he’s okay. At night he puts on women’s clothing, suspenders, and a . . . a bra?

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