Anti-Social Networking

please accept this personal invitation to my thing / thanks / tickets are $20

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  • Musician: “Dear public, please accept the publication of my music.”

    Public: “Gee, thanks!”

    Musician: “Copies are $20 each.”

    This not how deals are made. Either it’s a gift (unilateral), or it’s an agreeable and equitable exchange (bilateral). Bait (with gift) and switch (for sale) is not ethical.

  • Instead of an edict that all copies incur a compulsory payment of $20 to the musician – whoever makes them, even yourself – this is how a deal should work:

    1,000 Fans: There’s $20,000 ($20 from each of us) if you record a new song.
    Musician: It’s a deal! Thanks for the money. A recording of my new song can now be downloaded via BitTorrent. If anyone wants a signed CD from me, it’s $20, but you are of course free to burn and sell your own CDs – as is any record label – royalty free.

  • Sarah

    Aw, sheet! Gotta try that, cos you know it’s just a numbers game. All you gotta do is solicit enough people that the MOST AGREEABLE 2% of them cover next month’s rent…

    You can get one of those storage spaces at one of those places that advertise the first month for a dollar and just roll up the doors and put out some of those off-brand sodas and chips you find in the dollar aisle at Winn-Dixie.

    Call it a “community networking event”.


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