i must have more knowledge more / why not use the knowledge you already have / i said knowledge not wisdom

2 comments to Knowledge

  • It looks to me like you copied a few books in this strip. If those books are ‘protected’ by copyright that’s pretty blatant infringement.

    A view held by many is that ever more draconian copyright enforcement is necessary to protect mankind’s knowledge. How wise those with such views are remains to be seen, but by then mankind’s knowledge may have disintegrated into a pile of uncopied dust – a crime to rival the burning of the Library of Alexandria.

  • AW

    Whoa, you nailed my life! I spend so much time learning and not enough time applying, I just can’t seem to find an outlet that doesn’t bore me, though on a plus side, I suppose there are worse addictions one could have than the accumulation of knowledge, such as an inherent urge to yell compliments as you drive by strangers. “You have a fantastic tennis racket!”

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