i don't have anyone over because my house is such a mess / my house is tidy / i don't have anyone over because they'd mess it up

3 comments to Isolationism

  • Esn

    This hits close to home…

  • Bliss

    I love it! So true!

  • Sarah

    You know, you can tell a lot about a person based on whether they’re tidy and why. There’s a kind of punnett square of tidiness and home ownership at play. Some people are always tidy. Some people are always messy. Others are tidy SOMETIMES – depending on the context. If you’re always tidy, you’re anal-retentive. If you’re never tidy, you have some kind of deficit in executive functioning or maybe your priorities make more sense. If you’re only tidy when you rent or live with other people, you’re a people-pleaser. If you’re tidy when you live in your own place, but not otherwise, you’re a passive-aggressive turd. See? Tidiness can provide more insight into a person’s nature than any inventory developed by professionals.

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