Treat Yourself

people don't treat you the way you treat them / they treat you the way you treat yourself / i love me

2 comments to Treat Yourself

  • Phan Thuy

    Kool! It’s just too right to deny…

  • Sarah

    Nah, that’s just what they tell you when you have no self-esteem. If you lift your head up for a minute they wanna take you down a notch. People are gonna do what they’re gonna do and it’s your fault either way. Anyone else notice that? That it’s always your fault when others want to hurt you? Because they can’t admit it to themselves when they do. Only “bad” people want to hurt others for the sake of it. But you can still be “good” and punish others for being inadequate.

    I hope this comes out as funny as it was in my head. It’s hard to convey your tone online sometimes.

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