Special Gift

take this! i don't want it. / but i made it just for you! i didn't ask you to. / you don't love me! i'm not taking this shit

Oh geez, another poop joke? I’m getting rid of them now, while everyone’s probably on vacation due to the “holiday season,” which this one is kind of about.

4 comments to Special Gift

  • I’m with Eunice. (She’s the one on the right, right?) I have soooo been there.

  • pg

    i am not on vacation (at least not from reading mimi and eunice), but fortunately i love poop jokes!

    what i’m trying to say is that poop jokes are the pinnacle of sophistication, and you do them excellently. it’s one of the things i love best about mimi and eunice, so please don’t stop, and definitely don’t feel like you have to “get rid of them”!

    i for one would also like to see an explicitly holiday-themed poop joke! recall that south park did one with magnificent and fragrant results.

  • I agree with pg – poop jokes are one of the best things about this comic strip! This is also such a timely message for those who are figuring out how to set healthy boundaries with loved ones.

  • Ceyarrecks

    a joke?! I though for sure this was based on M$ and all the inane features they put into their OS’s that no-one ever asked for,…

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