God Will Never Let You Down

people may let you down / but god never will / that's because god doesn't exist. it's his best feature

2 comments to God Will Never Let You Down

  • That’s a faculty or affliction of human beings, that they conceive of supernatural powers, e.g. the supernatural power to prevent someone on the other side of the planet being able to sing your song, tell your story, or make a copy of your work.

    Let’s just stick to nature eh? What nature does, and the things we can do naturally, not those that require faith in the supernatural and respect for such faith.

    The trouble with atheists is that they don’t have an almighty superbeing able to smite down infidels. That’s why they always ‘lose’. They don’t have God on their side…

  • Rick A.

    I think think it would have been better if it were “People may give you up” =P

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