Relationships Explained

i like you / so what you like everyone / i want assholes to like me that'll mean i'm really special

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  • Cessen

    I don’t think it’s just “assholes”. It’s also “selective people” and “people out of my league” etc. Anything that’s a challenge.

    This is the problem with people that are dating out of a lack of self-esteem. They’re looking to land someone that proves their own worth, rather than landing someone that will actually make them happy.

    I think most people actually avoid assholes. But certain kinds of imbalances (including those created by this sort of dating motive) can cause nasty problems in a relationship.

  • Cessen

    “rather than landing someone that will actually make them happy”

    Err… I should say, landing someone that they will be happy with. “Making” them happy is an overly-tall order.

  • Nina

    This isn’t specifically about dating, although it applies to that. It’s about all kinds of relationships. If someone who loves me likes my work, I often fail to appreciate it; if someone doesn’t like my work, or me, my first instinct is to figure out how to please them. I now override that instinct because I know it’s insane, but I’m aware it’s still there.

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  • Esn

    This strip is really good!

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