Can you die of PMS?

i hate having P.M.S. i hate it / look you're not going to die of pms / no but you might

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  • Drizzt

    The last panel is simply hilarious! I love the knife-wielding Mimi (I think I saw her this way the first time in the book) together with slightly panicky look on Eunice’s face.

    Keep it up,

    P.S.: For your next book, which I hope will be released, could you try to find a European distributor too?

    • Nina

      Thanks Drizzt!

      The first book is now available as a straight-up print-on-demand volume (I changed the link) and should ship anywhere.

      It’s not available in any bookstores – with such a micro-run, I can’t afford the middlemen. 🙁

      • Drizzt

        Well I already have the first, my post scriptum was more a suggestion for the second book, I hope will be printed.

        Anyway about the middlemen: I know of a print-on-demand service who’d made it available in – at least some – bookstores. And as this would be a Europe-based company it would solve two problems at once: get the shipping down for your European fans and make your book available through bookstores. I can’t tell how their pricing is, so you’d need to check that yourself. They’re called “Books on Demand“. (I’m not affiliated with them in any way, just a fan of M&E)

        Oh, and I just saw, that Amazon offers a print-on-demand scheme too (in Europe it seems to be different from the American one):

        And just to make sure: this is no critique (I ordered “Misinformation wants to be free” after all) more a suggestion to improve.


  • Chriss


  • Been there – and survived!

  • JLPP

    One of the few excellent benefits of menopause.

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