Banging My Head Against A Wall

break through

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  • So, this is your brain on creativity.

  • Funny story:

    I decided to have Zazzle print this on a mug, yesterday.

    Got a message back from the Zazzle Content Review Team, this morning:

    Title: ME_319_Breakthrough.png
    Result: Not Approved
    Content Notes: — Design contains an image or text that may be subject to copyright. If you are interested in purchasing Official Licensed Merchandise from Zazzle please visit:

    Yay for enforcement-bots.

    I sent them a response e-mail asking them to look at the website… referenced in the URL… in the image…, and they came back and said something to the effect of `OK then–if you say so! You just have to re-place the order!’. Kind-of apropos. Kudos to them for not making it be *too* much like Mimi’s depicted experience, I guess….

  • Nina

    Sheesh! Death to censor-bots. But glad you got a human relatively quickly.

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