My First Kickstarter Project!

To help me make a Mimi & Eunice Intellectual Pooperty mini-book go here.

Update: The $3,000 fundraising goal has been met! Any additional funds over the goal means more minibooks printed, which means lower per-book costs. POOPERTY FOR THE PEOPLE!

Don’t like Kickstarter? Feel free to Flattr this post, and/or Flattr the heck out of the IP comics you want included in the book (the numbers will help me choose which ones go in, too). Thanks!

4 comments to My First Kickstarter Project!

  • Stoky

    Sorry if you told this in the video already (no audio here),
    but will it be possible to ship the minibooks to europe?

    • Nina

      That’s a good question! I think yes, for most countries. We’ll use our regular order fulfillment service, Amplifier in Austin, TX, who ships to Europe. Do keep in mind that shipping to Europe is more expensive, so if you back at a low level I may end up losing money. But anything over $50 should be good.

      • Stoky

        Thanks for your quick answer!
        In case I would prefer to add a couple of $ instead of order more books than I need. (That’s easily possible with kickstarter)

        I’m not sure yet, how many I want. If your kickstarter-project turns out anyways, I might just order them from the shop afterwards.

  • somebody

    Fla$h…here… why ? T_T

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