I’m not saying it makes any sense.

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  • Last I checked, “faith” was synonymous, more or less, with “trust”. As in, “I have faith in my mother”, or “I have faith in by best friend”, or the ever popular, “I have faith in God”. Faith isn’t something you have for the sake of it, but it’s something earned. With family members or friends, you can have faith in them because of your experiences in them; because you trust them. With religion, it’s usually from the moral code, history, culture, and other factors of the religion that have to be taken into account. And no, I’m not saying all religions are valid (as I’m Catholic), but I thought I’d make sure that the definition was clear.

    Wiktionary’s many definitions of the word generally align with that of “trust” (except the last one)

  • Lovely!

    Faith is simply understanding (intuitively, not cognitively) the correct relationship between the ego and the self.

  • Seema

    Nina .. wow this is great.. i just love your work… i love mimi and eunice and also sita sings the blue…

    ur work is very different and interesting… very appealing 🙂

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