Senescent Democracy

well past mature

When I was your age
We voted uphill both ways
Get off of my lawn

3 comments to Senescent Democracy

  • Our democracy may be senescent but our species is clearly still juvenile. However, i nature it is the juveniles that die off from stupid mistakes right and left, leaving only a few survivors to reach maturity. I had hoped we would do better…and we might. Maybe.

  • Wes Peters

    Democracy: the form of government where two wolves and a sheep vote on what’s for dinner.

    Assuming you live in the United States of America, you do not live in a democracy. Thank God. Thanks for playing, now go back to 5th grade and start over. Oh, wait, the state run schools either teach you that we are a democracy, or more likely don’t teach you anything. Maybe you should try reading. But, with your limited state education, you are probably not able.

  • For a better understanding what is going on right now, have a look at Niall Ferguson: The 6 killer apps of prosperity (

    Democracy is nothing without hope. If you don’t or can’t believe you’ve got a fair chance in a game, you try to beat it. That’s what we’re seeing: More people believe they’ll never make it. They see how others get insanely rich for ruining people’s lives, companies, economies or even a larger part of the world – and those rich get away with it.

    How can you not lose your belief in the system that brought these people in key positions?

    But things are more complex. The worse the situation gets, the higher the chance that society as a whole will turn against these people. Today, they are influential and powerful because they seem to be successful. But as soon as one million people start to clog the Wallstreet and demand changes, change will happen.

    It’s just not bad enough, yet.

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