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  • Drizzt

    I see, this seems to be a problem in the fabled New World too, And here we were led to believe (by parts of our press), that in America everything would be done “much swifter” and without the bureaucracy we have to endure here. (Ok, I didn’t really believe that, but you get that kind of story often enough) 🙂

    • Nina

      Actually in my experience it is even worse in Europe. The dumb thing in the US is people do it by choice, to “cover their ass”:

      • Drizzt

        I don’t think the reason matters too much. As long as you have to go through tons of pages (where you normally have to fill in just a few fields) to get something done. Or where you need to go to the respective administrative office and wait hours without end for your ten minutes of glory. Though one could argue that doing useless bureaucracy “by choice” is worse than being forced to do it. 😉

        In case that isn’t clear: I don’t think that all paperwork is useless. Some is needed to keep a country running and being able to maintain certain laws which are hopefully for the benefit of the majority. But there are some outcroppings, where you really have to wonder why the hell you need to fill that out.

  • This just happened to me a few hours ago. I politely declined. Such work is never worth the hassle.

  • Esn

    The interesting thing is that in places like Cuba and the old Soviet Union, there is/was far, far less paperwork. Like by a magnitude of 50, at least (my family still has some of that stuff, and I’ve looked through it). Everything made simple. There are always tradeoffs, and the tradeoff of “choice” is paperwork.

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