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  • It’s not rape if you call it “surprise earthsecks”.

  • Lolly

    I apologize for being dense, but I don’t understand the point in this one.

    • That makes you as dense as me!

      • Nindevo

        And me…It sounds like in favor of IP

        • The point is that all our fundamental wealth, our shelter and food we eat etc. comes from the physical resources of the Earth, and the way we get enough of them for our crazy amount of human population is by crazy stuff like fracking to get natural gas to make electricity to run our whole system.

          Anyone making digital stuff on the internet is totally reliant on that stuff. It doesn’t matter about the movie you made or whatever. Art is extremely important. But everyone is eventually reliant on the physical economy.

          The question of where your money comes from is really a question of asking how you’re going to get your share of the food.

          It’s not in favor of IP, it’s acknowledging the awful facts we’d rather laugh about than cry about. And it ends up saying that however you get your share of the food, whether by an IP business model or otherwise, you’re still dependent on the absurd and wasteful, destructive system anyway.

          Sorry to be so blunt, but you didn’t get it. Maybe this helps?

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