Offer Solutions

stop bashing your head

Inspired by responses to Let’s Make More Regulations.

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  • suede

    wow. That original comic discussion blew up. tldr.

    I’m not a big supporter of deregulation, because corporations are inherently evil and their only yardstick of progress is their share price.

    Where power collects, it corrupts, and that applies to all forms of human groups and individuals.

    It is also quite clear that the Govt isn’t a good regulator. The Obama govt is now going after S&P, not in 2008 when it rated everything “AAA+++ will buy again”, but now when it decided to downgrade the US rating. We’ve also seen how FCC fails to regulate AT&T and countless other cases.

    The failure of one solution does not mean “deregulate all the things!”, so while we can’t find a better form of regulation (short of an intelligent alien species which has no benefit or interest in us and is immune to corruption), we’ll have to make do with what we have and suffer our self bludgeoning.

  • Michael

    Suede, S&P has made a lot of mistakes recently. Not just Obama, L.A. here fired and is auditing S&P. They drew too much attention to their bad practices with the national downgrade.

    The comic idea applied here is to try to find a better form of regulation, not give up and self-bludgeon.

  • I have no solutions, except to say I am a strict believer in NO CENSORSship (even of the most dastardly, disruptive, self serving, sadistic ‘fools’ on board) If I did have a definitive solution to the whole mess, I’d gladly give it away. I just revisited this you here to tell you that this Harper Essay is REALLY great-

  • colony369

    rofl so much it hurts

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