The only happy family I know of is the one in the Ramones song.

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  • There’s the Nelsons, the Cleavers, the Waltons, the Partridges, the Huxtables, the Cartwrights (though that family lacked a Mrs. Cartwright), and the Flinstones, and the Jetsons, and the Gilligans Islanders, though they’re not at family, but they were sure up in one another’s business. But you see, lots of happy families.

    On TV. And you know, TV’s as real as Pepsi Cola, which is the Real Thing. I know that because Michael Jackson said so. And he’s know about reality, doesn’t he?

  • I’m sure there are, somewhere. Scientists just haven’t found them yet.

  • elustran

    Sounds like a typical case of glass-half-empty black-and-white thought. You’re not either universally ‘happy’ or ‘unhappy’ – sometimes you’re happy, sometimes your sad, sometimes you’re begrudgingly content, sometimes you’re too lazy to care, etc.

    It seems foolish to flatly characterize anything as either ‘happy’ or ‘unhappy’ and treat happiness and unhappiness and mutually exclusive.

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