Protecting Artists

we must destroy the content in order to save it

Good ol’ GEMA.

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  • pascal

    I still think it’s mainly YouTube at fault here. They want GEMA to accept their terms without compromise and simply blocked everything. Now it looks like GEMA ordered them to, while they actually just wanted money for the views (which they actually do distribute among the artists [that register with them], but not fairly, there is a heavy bias toward classical music for example, because, you know, it’s culture and stuff).
    But of course, we’re all (with good reason) prejudiced against GEMA, so it’s easy to see them as the villain here (well, they started it by asking for money, so technically they are), but it’s actually Google who act childish.

    • Drizzt

      In this particular case I think that argument isn’t true. It’s more like GEMA likes to have a fixed amount of money per view (e.g. 0,50 €), which is most likely way more than what can be recouped by showing some advertisement half the users are blocking anyway. And IIRC GEMA wants that fixed sum no matter whether someone watched a video entirely or only the first few seconds.

      Maybe other royalty collection societies being able to find an acceptable agreement and all (major) labels telling GEMA to get its act together is an indication, that GEMA is at fault here. I mean it was the GEMA (requested by VG Musikedition), after all, which went after kindergartens for royalties (German link).

  • suede

    @Pascal Perhaps you dont realize that google/youtube has been sued on copyright before. They’re only complying with the judgement from that.

    They’re a content host. If they get notified, theyre supposed to remove that content immediately.

    The people at fault are the ones who’re expecting to make easy money, i.e. “GEMA … just wanted money for the views”.

    And if you dig deeper, the issue that is enabling people like GEMA is the copyright law in the US, which, if you read enough Wikileaks, is being forced down the throats of other countries.

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