bipartisan support, that means both democrats and republicans like it, the only group that doesn't is the public

Idea from this Techdirt article.

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  • Steven

    Just an FYI. The facebook share doesn’t work very well. I would expect it to show the comic with a link back but it just puts a link in. So I downloaded the comic and uploaded it to facebook and put a link in the text. Just because most facebook folks wouldn’t bother to click a link and would miss the comic.

  • Amen to that. I sometimes wonder if having a sane voting system (e.g., N-votes-per-voter-for-N-candidates, instead of one-vote-per-voter-for-N-candidates, or a party-affiliation based parliamentary allocation the way Sweden does it) would lead to political parties in the U.S. with meaningful differences between them. Right now, we get bipartisan agreement on all major choices, and histrionic squabbling about relatively minor stuff.

  • monkyyy

    i wonder why im an anarchist, maybe because the “moderates” are the worse of the bunch

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