Ovation Inflation

another mediocre play gets a standing ovation. they can't all get standing ovations! some plays are better than others. some plays get better standing ovations than others

4 comments to Ovation Inflation

  • In high school, I had an English teacher who told us he’d promised himself to give only 10 more standing ovations in his entire life, to ensure he really meant it.

  • yonemoto

    One time, I went to a musical concert, and I thought it was crap, so I didn’t stand, and actually I scowled a bit (almost everyone else stood). It turned out that I was sitting next to the composer the whole time. I wonder if he noticed that I stood for the previous piece.

  • bruceleh

    A performance deserving a standing ovation should have all (or most) of the people simultaneously standing at once. It should be a physical reflex from the depths that the creation has reached in you. I frequent the creative/improv/experimental scene, and used to be bothered by over use of standing ovations. Should I stand? Am I being an asshole for not standing when so many others are? This has lead me to not worry about think about standing ovations any longer. It’s *my* reaction to the performance, and it will happen when it’s called for. Like laughter at good joke.

  • bruceleh

    s/think about //

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