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  • This reminds me of linguistic ideas about awareness of subjectivity.
    Most objective wording: The toe hurts.
    MIddle: The toe hurts me / My toe hurts (some languages use one or the other construction)
    Most subjective wording: I feel a pain in my toe.

    This goes from supposing that whatever you experience is objective reality to only describing subjective experience without making any objective claims…

  • Michael S

    nice and succinct

  • ank

    This seems to be typical for a number of mothers who measure their self-worth by the extent to which they can keep their kids away from any frustration and as much as possible in their “joyous” mode. I know a few. Their guilt immediately sets in when kid cries or complains.

  • ank

    I also know a couple who fits this pattern. One has chronic back pain and often has a hard time sleeping at night, gets grumpy and annoyed and frustrated about this and the partner “helps” with angry, frustrated response like: “What do you want ME to do? I am already doing my best staying up with you at night and listening to your moaning of pain and feeling horrible that I can’t help you. Why do you do this to me?”

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